From right front: Marilyn Heiss, finish editor; Erica Milsom, editor; Rick Butler, camera; Blake McHugh, camera; Wellington Jon Bowler, field audio; Peter Shwartz

Who We Are

Peter Shwartz founded Dellaruth Video in 2000 and is our principal producer. Mr. Shwartz began working in education programs in 1972. He has designed and taught in-school and after-school reading programs for students of all ages. At Addison-Wesley he wrote and edited elementary school science curricula. For ten years at the Developmental Studies Center (DSC), a non-profit research and development center, he produced over fifty documentary-based videos for use in pre-service and in-service teacher professional development, conferences, and fund raising. He also produced video companions to numerous DSC publications and curricula.

Assisting Mr. Shwartz is a team of award-winning free-lance professionals. In addition to their experience creating program and documentary video for all the major networks, they each bring to this work a deep understanding of issues affecting education. This understanding, combined with their long association with each other and Mr. Shwartz, is reflected in the sophistication of their on-site documentation of students and teachers in action.