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Our Fraction Flags Discussion

One of a series of videos for students that focus on mathematics topics that are difficult to teach and learn. These videos enable students to observe and then discuss other students' discussions of "pitfalls" that typically occur during the learning of the toughest mathematical concepts as identified in the research on children's thinking, standardized tests, and international assessments.

© 2000 Mathematics Case Methods Project/WestED

Talking to the Text

Students in a middle school English Language Development class read a poem using Talking to the Text, making their reading and thinking processes visible by writing questions, confusions, connections and other responses on a copy of the text itself. After tackling the poem individually, groups use these notes to discuss the poem and puzzle out any problems they had. The teacher then facilitates a whole-class discussion that clears up unresolved problems and helps the students appreciate their own growing expertise as readers and the power of collaborative meaning-making.

© 2001 Strategic Literacy Initiative/WestED

Can You Lift 100 KG

Filmed at Komae School #7, an ordinary public school in Tokyo. This video highlights three parts of the lesson research cycle: a planning meeting of upper-grade teachers in preparation for a research lesson; the resulting fifth-grade research lesson on levers; and the faculty colloquium following the research lesson. Dubbed in English. This video can be seen in its entirety at

© 2000 Catherine Lewis, Mills College

Choosing Community

Segment 2: Objections to the Caring Classroom. One of nine excerpts (20-30 minutes each, on four videocassettes) from a two-day workshop. Topics include "The Case Against Competition," "How Kids Come to Care," and "Beyond Praise and Grades." In each segment, Alfie Kohn describes pivotal choices that promote community and avoid coercion and competition in classrooms. Produced and sold by the Developmental Studies Center.

© 1995 Developmental Studies Center and Alfie Kohn